Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm frustated with blogging! I've been trying to update my blog and every time I try to add a picture I get the following error message...

Upload failed:
Server returned invalid response
I've had this happen before and I have continued to try and eventually after 7+ attempts it will eventually allow me to upload my one picture. Unfortanetely I don't have to the time to mess with this! If anyone of my blogger friends can help me out I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I'm going to have to give up on blogging :(

Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving Out!

 Carson got upset about something the last time Brett was home and he informed us he was "moving out!" We laughed when we seen he had filled the wagon with his Legos, Collin's backpack, and his quilt off his bed. Not to mentioned it was quite funny when he camped out at one of the For Sale houses in our culdesac. He eventually asked if he could come home for lunch :)

After lunch he moved his fort to our front yard. You just can't get too far away from home! Love that kid to pieces!

Eager Beaver Days

 We walked/ran our first 5K on a chilly morning for Eager Beaver Days. I am so incredibly proud of Carson. He completed the 3 mile course 9 minutes faster than his grandpa and me!!! He told me later that his legs were so tired he just wanted to sit on the curb and wait for us but he kept going!

Watching the parade with Grandpa.

 Say Cheese!
The boys always love the parade and they got plenty of candy to fill their little tummies until Halloween.
Well, I had almost given up on the whole blog world because I have been trying to post these pictures for the past 3 weeks and I kept getting an error message. For some unknown they worked just fine!
Collin started Micro Soccer the end of August. It was incredibly HOT and each practice. In my opinion, a 1 hour 15 minute practice/game entirely too long for 4 year olds! Collin did great the first 45 minutes and then he was too wiped out to finish.

 HOT baby!!!
 This boy would have loved to jump in and play with his little brother.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Check out this little man! Isn't he just adorable and beaming with happiness? He is so darn excited about going to preschool and meeting his teachers and seeing his playground. Open House was Wednesday night and it was a special moment for just him and mom to enjoy.

Collin's first day of preschool was August 23rd.

 I think he looks quite handsome but he told me that the girls didn't like his outfit. I let it go in one ear and out the other because this little stinker has been full of stories the last few days.
 Collin and Mrs. K on the first day of Preschool
Mrs. K told me that her and Mrs. B think his freckles are so cute. I have to agree!
He had a great first day and I know he is excited to spend every afternoon (Monday-Thursday) in his classroom. Wow, my babies are growing up way to fast!

A New Interest

In the last week or so Cash has developed a new interest in books. I am quite pleased with this interest! He loves to just sit and look at them in his room and I am thrilled that he actually stops running for a brief moment :) He is starting to say "meow" for kitty and "quack" for duck. I just love listening to him talk. It makes this mama very proud!

Master Bedroom & Bath

I am finally getting around to taking some pictures of our new house. Finding the time to take pictures when everything is clean seems almost impossible! I am honestly a clean person but when you have 3 rugrats boys around who haven't quite figured out the picking up part OR the listening to mom part.....well things just aren't the way I'd like them to be. I can't blame this all on them, because honeslty when I get home from work, make supper, give baths, and wrestle everyone into pjs, I'm too darn exhausted to care about the dishes that are in the sink or the toys that are on the bathroom floor. are some pictures of our master bedroom and bathroom.

 Our bedroom was inspired by the HGTV 2012 Dream Home. Of course I had to go on a search to find similar items that we could afford. The paint color from Sherwin Williams was the only exact match.

More house posts coming soon....hopefully!